What is AnarchoCoffee?

Our mission is to have a positive social impact by selling products that promote the ideas of Individualism, Individual Rights, Spontaneous Order, The Rule of Law, Limited Government, Decentralization, Privacy, Free Markets, The Virtue of Production, Natural Harmony of Interests and Peace.

Hi, my name is Jay and I am the founder of AnarchoCoffee. I started this store for two reasons, one I love coffee and two I love liberty. Like for many libertarians, the idea of liberty, self-ownership, and freedom from the government started with Ron Paul Revolution but didn’t end there.

Politics, in all its forms, has failed. The notion that we can safely and successfully hand over the management of our daily lives and the setting of priorities to a political class or elite is thoroughly discredited. Politicians cannot be trusted, regardless of the system in which they operate. No set of constraints, checks, and balances, is proved to work and mitigate their unconscionable acts and the pernicious effects these have on our welfare and longevity.

Anarchism is often mistaken for left-wing thinking or the advocacy of anarchy. It is neither. If anything, the libertarian strain in anarchism makes it closer to the right. Anarchism is an umbrella term covering disparate social and political theories – The logical outcome is to call for the peaceful overthrow of all political systems and or secession, a movement like the Free State Project.

Anarchists believe that human beings are perfectly capable of rational self-government. In the Utopia of anarchism, individuals choose to belong to society (or to exclude themselves from it). Rules are adopted by agreement of all the members/citizens through direct participation in voting. Similar to participatory democracy, holders of offices can be recalled by constituents. AnarchoCoffee is to help promote this very idea.

Why should I buy AnarchoCoffee?

  1. Independent: AnarchoCoffee is 100% fearlessly independent startup company. No board members, no bank loans, no bullshit. Just blood, sweat and tears.
  2. Organically farmed: Our coffee is organically farmed, ethically sourced and Roast-to-Order. Meaning our coffee is NOT from a child slave labor farm covered in pesticides or stored in some dirty warehouse for six months before you get it. The day you order our coffee is the day it gets roasted, packed and shipped.
  3. Liberty Ideas: Here at AnarchoCoffee we believe in peace, love, liberty, freedom, and independence.
  4. Change Through Liberty: The world, particularly in the US is at a pivotal moment in time – politically, economically and culturally. Decide wisely how to spend your money to make a social impact. So if you want cheap gas station coffee or slave labor farmed coffee or pesticide infected coffee from WalMart, supporting crony market corporatism be my guest. But if you are looking to support an independent free market business promoting peace, love, and liberty then check out AnarchoCoffee.com 
  5. Cryptocurrency Friendly: We accept 6 different cryptocurrencies through the secure and easy to use CoinPayments platform, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Litecoin, and Dash!

Where is your coffee sourced from?

Our current distributor is out of California. And the beans come from all over the world. The beans are ethically sourced from such places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Columbia, Kenya and more – depending on the blend. Our distributor also gives back in such ways like helping to open a boarding school for orphans in Kenya.

What is your shipping policy?

AnarchoCoffee products are available WorldWide. Orders process within 24-48 hours from the time you place your order and the average transit time is 5-7 business days in the United States and up 14+ business days for international orders. Transit times will vary based on your location. AnarchoCoffee is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Once our carriers indicate that the item has been delivered, we consider the order complete.

All shipments are sent through USPS. Carriers may also vary depending on your location. If a product is damaged at the time of delivery, you must make a claim within 10 business days to anarchocoffee[at]gmail.com.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

  • There is a 30-day money back guaranteed from the time of arrival of your product. After 30-days no refund or returns are accepted.
  • If you received the wrong item and are within the 30-day time period since delivery, please send us an email with a picture of the wrong item at anarchocoffee[at]gmail.com or engage with our chat on the website.
  • If you received an item that is damaged and is within the 30-day time period since delivery, please send us an email with a picture of the damaged item at anarchocoffee[at]gmail.com
  • or engage with our chat on the website.
  • Just like taxation, there is a 30% re-stocking fee for any returned items.
  • Unused, unopened items can be returned, but the customer pays return shipping.
  • Cancellation is not guaranteed, we only accept cancellations within 24 hours of ordering.
  • Orders that have already been shipped cannot be canceled.